Screen Annotation & Screen Recording Solution for Presentations

Ink2Go is an extremely simple yet powerful screen annotation and recording software. You can easily write on top of any other application that is currently active on the desktop, even on a running video. You can then save your annotations as an image file or even record the whole session as a video for sharing. It is a useful tool for presenters to communicate and share ideas during a live session, for educators to create effective video tutorials and for salespeople to create impressive video presentations.

可以加速国外软件的加速器 is available for both Windows (XP, Vista and 7) and 六毫秒加速器App-六毫秒加速器下载 1.0.1 安卓版-新云软件园:2021-6-12 · 六毫秒加速器是成都俊云科技有限公司打造的一款方便快捷的加速器软件,限时试用加速玩国服游戏、浏览国内视频,直播、音乐等各大主流平台,听歌追剧刷视频,低延迟极速畅联玩到爽,欢迎下 ….
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(created by Dr Tim Tyson, 连接国外软件加速器)
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Download 访问谷歌的方式 上网到国外的梯子_分享_格娜小屋:2021-8-3 · 作为一名软件开发人员,经常需要使用科学的互联网软件在谷歌上学习和找到最新的信息。因为国内搜索系统基本上是从国外复制一些旧的方法或信息,根本不是最新的,所以你必须借助虚拟专用网网络加速工具(fanqiang)在论坛上找到最新的有用信息。 version

Features include:

ico penScreen Annotation:
  • Let you write, draw or highlight on any content being shown on the desktop from any app, be it a webpage, a slideshow, a running video or even presentation mode of Keynote and Powerpoint.
  • Save the current desktop with your annotations as an image. Image formats: PNG, JPEG, Bitmap or GIF (for Windows), and PNG (for Mac OS X).
rec udScreen Recording:
  • Record High-Quality video of entire desktop together with your annotation as a video.
  • 如何解决访问国外ERP服务器及跨境办公难题?-解决方案问题 ...:2021-6-8 · 知名好用国外服务器推荐 如何租用国外服务器?服务器在国外,如何提高国外服务器访问速度?国外服务器租用风险有哪些?外贸仿牌抗投诉服务器哪里有?选择租用国外服务器托管的好处 国外服务器使用CDN加速怎么样 亚洲高防服务器租用怎么样,抗攻击性能
  • Let you define a region of interest on the screen and only record within that region.
  • 六毫秒加速器App-六毫秒加速器下载 1.0.1 安卓版-新云软件园:2021-6-12 · 六毫秒加速器是成都俊云科技有限公司打造的一款方便快捷的加速器软件,限时试用加速玩国服游戏、浏览国内视频,直播、音乐等各大主流平台,听歌追剧刷视频,低延迟极速畅联玩到爽,欢迎下 …
  • Allow pause and resume during a recording session.
可以连接国外线路的加速器Web Camera:
  • Toggle the webcam view on/off for recording. For a video presentation, showing your webcam view might help you connect better with your audience.
  • Toggle between your desktop screen and a whiteboard/blackboard with just a single-click. Helpful when you want to quickly show your idea on a clean page.
pagesMultiple Pages:
  • Let you create a new page to annotate without destroying the current annotations. You can easily go back and forth between the created pages.
Multi-MonitorsMultiple Monitors:
  • Allow you to annotate on extended or 连接国外软件加速器 monitors.
  • Allow you to type text.
Ink2Go IconIntuitive UI:

  • Floating toolbar that can be moved around and switched between horizontal or veritcal, so that it never gets into the way of your presentation.
  • 8 pens, 4 highlighters and 3 erasers of various colors and sizes for your convenience.
  • Mouse mode that let you control other applications as per normal while your annotations are still showing on top.
  • 海外和全局加速是什么意思?如何使用? – Baacloud:2021-3-18 · 海外加速:访问国内使用本地网络,访问国外使用代理网络。全局加速:无论访问国内国外均使用代理网络。 在连接线路前点击所需要的模式即可,凸选按钮是当前选择模式,软件可以记住选择。
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